Non Paying winning Bidder! Non-Paying Bidder Process

As part of our efforts to improve the Auta Auctions, we've created the following process to discourage winning bidders from failing to complete transactions. Bidders should be aware that placing bids and failing to complete the resulting transactions could result in the suspension or termination of their account.

If sellers encounter non-paying bidders, they should complete this process:

Typical Enforcement Actions
Bidder Offence Enforcement Action
First and Second Offence: A warning to the bidder from Auta Auctions
Third Offence: A warning and 30-day suspension from Auta Auctions
Fourth Offence: The indefinite suspension of bidder's bidder ID
*Please note: Appropriate enforcement action is determined at Auta’s sole discretion. This enforcement schedule is subject to change.

Offer the Item(s) to a Reserve Bidder

If you are unable to contact the winning bidder, even after sending a confirmation email, then you may offer the item to the reserve bidder if there was more than one bidder.

If there were no other bidders, we recommend that you resubmit your auction.

The reserve bidder is the second highest bidder, but this bidder is not obligated to purchase your item. We suggest allowing three days before moving on to the reserve bidder. The closed auction will be available to view for 30 days after that point you will need to contact the to get the ID of the reserve bidder.