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Instructions on bidding

Bidding on Auctions is easy. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Register.
    First, register with Auctions.

  2. Verify your credit card.
    To help to ensure a safer environment for all Auctions users, we require all users to enter a credit card so that we can verify all user registration information.

  3. Agree to our Additional Terms of Service.
    Please review and agree to our Terms of Service.

  4. Find an auction to bid on.
    After signing in to Auctions, search or browse the various auctions categories. When you find something that you want, look for the bid box (titled "Place a Bid") on that item's auction page.

    Enter the following information:
    • Your bid:   The amount you are willing to pay for the item.
      If you bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay, your bid will only go up the minimum bid amount above any new bids received.

  5. Place your bid.
    Click on "Place Bid." Once you've previewed your bid and confirmed that everything is in order, click on "Confirm Bid." This is the final step to submitting your bid.

  6. Bid confirmation.
    Once you have submitted your bid, you'll get one of the following confirmation messages:

    • High bid confirmation: If your bid is the highest, you'll be notified of this fact. If you wish to cancel your bid, you must do so now from this preview page. Bids cannot be retracted once confirmed.

    • Outbid confirmation: Another bidder might have bid an amount higher than your bid. If this happens and you want to bid again, return to the auction page and enter a higher amount.

    • Bid is below reserve price confirmation: In some cases, a seller may set a reserve price, which is the lowest price the seller is willing to accept. Any bid less than the reserve price will not win the auction. If this happens and you want to bid again, return to the auction page, and enter a higher amount.

  7. Monitor the auction.
    You can monitor all your auction activity by clicking on the "Manage Account" link in the upper-right corner of any auction page.

  8. Contact the seller.
    When the auction closes and you're the high bidder, you'll get an email. Included in the email is the seller's email address. You should email the seller to arrange for payment and shipping of the item.

Reserve Price

The reserve price is the lowest price that the seller of the item which is being sold by auction is prepared to accept. The buyer is not shown the reserve price, it is a undisclosed minimum price that the seller will sell the item for. The seller is not obligated to sell the item if the reserve price is not met, the buyer and seller can contact each other and negotiate a selling/purchase price.

If you are bidding on an item - once you placed a bid, you will be told if you have met the reserve price or not. If it states that you are high bidder but reserve has not been met, this means that you have not won the item. You must keep raising your bid until it states reserve has been met, at this point the item will be sold to the highest bidder. If your high bid exceeds the reserve price, the accepted price for the item will be the same as the reserve price, unless someone else outbids you, then you must increase your bid.

Auta-Buy Price

When you see an auction listing featuring the Auta-Buy Price, you as a buyer have the option of purchasing that item for the price listed with the Auta-Buy Price.

Using the Auta-Buy Price is fast and easy.

  1. Decide whether you want to purchase the item for the Auta-Buy Price. Please remember that the Auta-Buy Price does not include shipping and handling.

  2. Click on Auta-Buy Price, you will need to register or sign in.

  3. You will see a "Purchase Now" button. You should review the price and finalize your decision. Once you have clicked on the button, the purchase is final.

  4. The auction for this item will now be closed and you will be directed toward payment instructions.

The Auta-Buy price is available until the vehicle meets reserve price, then it is no longer available. If it is a No Reserve auction, the Auta-Buy Price will only be available when no bids have been placed on the item. After a bid has been placed, it will no longer be available.

Canceling your bid

After you place a bid on the auction item page, you'll be taken to a Preview Bid page. You can cancel your bid while on this preview page. You then have the option of changing your bid or aborting your bid and going back to the home page.

You cannot cancel your bid after you've confirmed it (e.g. after you have clicked on "Place This Bid"). You bid is then final; please do not bid on an item that you do not have the resources to pay for.

In case of emergency, if you placed a bid in error, there must be at least 12 hours left in the auction to cancel a bid. You will need to contact the administrator at, you will also need to contact the seller and explain why the bid should be canceled.

Please note: It's at the seller's discretion whether or not to cancel your bid.

Bid Increments

To bid on any item, the new bid submitted must be greater than the current bid. Below are the required increases of the bid. These amounts are automatically calculated in the minimum next bid. If you submit a higher maximum bid amount than the increment, and there are no other bids higher, your bid will only increase the required increment.

Price of Item Increment
$0.01 to $0.99 $0.05
$1.00 to $4.99 $0.25
$5.00 to $24.99 $0.50
$25.00 to $99.99 $1.00
$100.00 to $249.99 $2.50
$250.00 to $499.99 $5.00
$500.00 to $999.99 $10.00
$1,000.00 to $2,499.99 $25.00
$2,500.00 to $4,999.99 $50.00
$5,000 and up $100.00